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  • Maybe you hate writing, and can’t even compose a birthday card without sweating?
  • Maybe you usually have no problem expressing yourself, but speaking about your child is making you fumble for words?
  • Maybe you have a sensitive family situation and your words need to be just right?
  • Maybe the occasion is in three days, you’re still pulling everything together, and you want the speech off your head?
Whatever your reason, we’ve helped parents like you deliver speeches that expressed what they most wanted to say, in their voice and style, and won them compliments, tears and applause.
What our Clients Say
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  • We were completely bowled over with the first draft that came back from Tali. It was right on the nose – exactly what we wanted. The D’var Torah was a masterful blend of humour, anecdotes, depth of meaning, sophistication, simplicity and complete credibility that a twelve year old was able to understand it and deliver.  Not only is  Tali a brilliant writer of speeches and interpreter of client needs but she is a complete and utter pleasure to deal with. Nothing was ever too much trouble for her. No amount of emails to her (from me) ever proved to be a problem. She responded timeously and efficiently and always with complete courtesy and sensitivity to our needs, requirements and the emotive nature of such a speech and such a milestone. Mother of the Bat Mitzvah Girl See more of what our clients have to say
  • “I can’t tell you how appreciative I am. I shared this with someone who knows me well and she said, 'It’s beautiful, it’s your voice.' I thank you so much and look forward to working with you in the future. Helping someone find their voice is truly a beautiful gift.” Father of Bar Mitzvah Boy, New Jersey See more of what our clients have to say
  • “Debbie prepared a Dvar Torah for my wedding speech the night before my wedding. I knew it was asking a lot but I wasn’t disappointed! I was moved to tears when she emailed me what she had written, I didn’t have to change a single word. It was just beautiful and conveyed exactly what I wanted to say to my lovely new wife.” Groom, wedding speech, London See more of what our clients have to say
  • “Tali’s Dvar Torah at our Pidyon HaBen, was fantastic…! She conveyed the meaning of the occasion through such meaningful sources – both modern and traditional- and our family was so touched by the way she connected the family history to our special event. I would not hesitate to use Tali’s skills to enhance our next simcha!” Father of the Baby at Pidyon HaBen, Jerusalem See more of what our clients have to say