The Bat Mitzvah Best Friend speech

It’s your daughter’s Bat Mizvah year and the excitement is mounting. The family have been looking forward to this time for 12 years and suddenly it has arrived. You have been fantasizing about the type of celebration you would be arranging to mark your daughters coming of age but now that it is real the pressure is on. You slowly but surely are checking off all the boxes on your things-to-do list then suddenly out of the blue you are landed with a new task; helping your daughter write a speech and/ or song for her best friends Bat Mitzvah.

This phenomenon of entertaining girlfriends at their Bat Mitzvah celebrations has become de rigueur in the past few years. The bat mitzvah girl looks forward with great anticipation to find out what her friends are going to say about her in public at her special moment. Its probably one of the highlights of the evening as far as she is concerned so being given the task of delivering the best-friend speech is an honor but a nail-biting one!

Best Friend Bat Mitzvah speech

Best Friend Bat Mitzvah speech

So, how are you going to help your daughter get it just right??   Here are a few guidelines you might find helpful:

  • Help your daughter compose a list of the Bat mitzvah girl’s qualities that make her her ‘best friend’
  • Make sure the list contains only positive descriptions. Now is the time to give loads of compliments and make the Bat Mitzvah girl feel special
  • Although your daughter and her best friend have their secrets and special language, the speech should only mention things that everyone can understand. The audience should be happy to listen to the speech and not be made to feel excluded from the best friends’ special relationship.
  • This is not the time to outshine the Bat Mitzvah at her own party so make sure your daughter doesn’t try to be too clever….
  • … but its great if she can tell funny little stories to bring a smile to the audiences faces
  • If your daughter is part of a group of friends make sure they all have an equal input to avoid anyone feeling left out. Even if one has a clearer voice then the rest they should all be able to participate and do their bit speaking.
  • If your daughter has decided to write and sing a song make sure it is a tune everyone can hum along to. It’s also best to keep the words and the melody simple. Off tune singing with difficult lyrics are hard to follow and the moment will be lost…
Best friends for ever :)

Bat Mitzvah - best friends for ever :)

Ultimately your daughter should have great fun composing a speech for her best friend. It’s a time for her to show how much she loves her friend and enjoys their friendship. It’s also a great step into the world of public speaking which is a very daunting task to most people. Ensuring that she has a great time with this project will make future public speaking engagements a breeze and who knows, she might be asked to deliver the maid-of-honor address at her best friends wedding….

Do you know any Best Friends Bat Mitzvah speech success or horror stories?  Please tell us about them below.

Fashion week, judgement and Bat Mitzvah speeches


If this Bat Mitzvah speech makes you see red – and I am not referring to the color of “Hannah”‘s hair – you can take a few breaths and calm down – this is not a real Bat Mitzvah speech practice – it is a parody!  It is actually a comic piece by writer Bob Morris, a style writer and author, frequent contributor to The New York Times. Hannah is played by his tennis partner’s daughter. Miuccia is played by his dog, Zoloft.

Bob says “my intent was more about satirizing fashion culture than religion,” but having said that, as parents of Bar and Bat Mitzvah kids, the speech brings up a number of issues that are worth considering and even discussing with our kids.

Firstly – on what basis do we, and should we judge people – based on their character or based on their cloth?  The Ethics of Our Fathers states – do not look at the vessel; rather, look at what is inside it.  This is specifically (but not exclusively) referring also to the character make up of people, as opposed to their looks.

Secondly – what sort of role models do we want to be?  The type of father who “kindly” takes time off from his new Brazilian wife to attend the Bat Mitzvah?  The type of grandmother who teaches her granddaughter from a young age the importance of labels?  There is a lovely story in the Talmud that ends with a blessing that one’s offspring should be exactly like them.  We must strive to be the kind of person that we want our children to emulate and grow into.

Thirdly – what is the role of beauty in Judaism?  The Torah dedicates many, many chapters and verses to describing the stunning Sanctuary that Bezalel was commissioned to build for the Jews in the desert, and King Solomon pulled out all the stops to make sure that his Temple was an exquisite talking point, with magnificent resources from all over the world.

In short, physical beauty is recommended in Judaism, but it cannot represent an empty shell – beauty must be a window to reflect the spiritual and elevated content that lies within.

So, instead of clicking the “dislike” button on YouTube, I would like to thank Bob and the lovely “Hannah” for giving us some Bat Mitzvah thoughts to ponder and their Bat Mitzvah speech message – there is clearly more to fashion, judgement and beauty that meets the eye!


One of my favorite Bar/Bat Mitzvah speech quotations

Mark Twain speech quotation

Mark Twain speech quotation from

I’m about to share with you one of my speechwriters tricks that I keep up my sleeve.  It is one of my favorite quotations, and it is great to use in Bar or Bat Mitzvah speeches.

Just a few words of introduction: The author of this quotation is Mark Twain (born Samuel Langhorne Clemens).  You could say that he is America’s greatest author and humorist.  In 1898, he wrote an article called Concerning the Jews which was published in Harpers Magazine. This is a quotation from that article:




“If the statistics are right, the Jews constitute but one percent of the human race. It suggests a nebulous dim puff of star dust lost in the blaze of the Milky Way.

Properly the Jew ought hardly to be heard of, but he is heard of, has always been heard of. He is as prominent on the planet as any other people, and his commercial importance is extravagantly out of proportion to the smallness of his bulk. His contributions to the world’s list of great names in literature, science, art, music, finance, medicine, and abstruse learning are also away out of proportion to the weakness of his numbers.

He has made a marvellous fight in the world, in all the ages; and has done it with his hands tied behind him. He could be vain of himself, and be excused for it.

The Egyptian, the Babylonian, and the Persian rose, filled the planet with sound and splendor, then faded to dream-stuff and passed away; the Greek and the Roman followed, and made a vast noise, and they are gone; other peoples have sprung up and held their torch high for a time, but it burned out, and they sit in twilight now, or have vanished.

The Jew saw them all, beat them all, and is now what he always was, exhibiting no decadence, no infirmities of age, no weakening of his parts, no slowing of his energies, no dulling of his alert and aggressive mind. All things are mortal but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he remains. What is the secret of his immortality?”

What a powerful quotation to share with a Bar Mitzvah Boy, or Bat Mitzvah girl, at the moment that they are receiving their entrance ticket to the community of Jewish adults.

I particularly love that this quote ends with a question: “What is the secret of Jewish immortality?”  This means that at the end of the quotation, the reader/listener is left with the thought “what do I think is the secret to Jewish longevity?”  The person giving the speech can propose an answer, or s/he can prompt the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child (and the audience) to find their own answer.  Food for thought – as they say!

So, some food for thought for my readers – do you think this quote is still relevant today?  How would you answer Twain’s question: “What is the secret of Jewish immortality?”  And how would you use this quotation in a Bar or Bat Mitzvah speech?

Arch of Titus

Arch of Titus marking Jewish exile to Rome

Batmom Blog: The grinch who stole the Bat Mitzvah!

This week Bat Mitzvah Mom, Alissa, is our guest blogger.

A mother and a daughter’s idea of a Bat Mitzvah seems to be two different things.  Huh?  At least in my family it is!  You see I’m a Jewish mom who used to teach 6th grade Hebrew school for goodness sake.  For years I taught with the aim to inspire Bnei Mitzvah to continue their Jewish heritage and to be proud of their religion at the time of their coming of age.  The truth is, I am not so anti-the-ceremony as I am anti the big party.




We are Reform Jews in Los Angeles, so a Bat-Mitzvah is totally ordinary in our community.  All girls read from the Torah and give a speech the exact same as a boy of the age of 13.  All of my daughter’s friends are having a bat/bar mitzvah, and the friends are helping one another celebrate by first attending the ceremony and after the party.  Now, I am ready to sit up on the bima and smile and brag about my daughter’s love, I mean LOVE of Judaism!  I am ready to write a speech about her life and read it to the congregation.  But then, the celebration……..  I get squeamish even thinking about it.

My real plan was to go to Israel for three glorious weeks in the winter.  To have a small celebration there with the Israeli side of the family, and do a little dinner there, a little dancing, we’ll be at last with the family for an extended period of time and of course not for pure happy-celebrations.  However, my daughter says, “NO!” She prefers a party for the friends and family.  I am in a real dilemma, and can’t wrap my head around the idea of entertaining for five hours instead of spending three weeks abroad.

Judaica from

Bat Mitzvah Judaica from

With my inner-issues of not wanting to celebrate with others, I am a little resentful of the whole idea now.  I do not particularly like spending money on other people, just to hear them say, “the music was too loud… the food was tasteless… the decorations were boring.”  I wonder if all parents feel this way?  I doubt it, since many mothers speak highly of the entire planning process.  I have yet to hear anyone say they don’t want to plan and entertain others.  I think I am the only one, the grinch who stole the Bat Mitzvah?

The grinch who stole the Bat Mitzvah

The grinch who stole the Bat Mitzvah


Alissa, co-owner of Alef Bet Jewelry, designs and manufactures jewelry in Los Angeles, CA .  Run by Paula, mother of 3, grandma of 5, and Alissa, mother of 3.   Inspired long ago by the Hebrew alphabet, Alef Bet Jewelry first designed Hebrew letter beads.  We named ourselves after the beads, but people kept on asking us, “what else do you have?”  That is how the business developed…a need for modern Judaic jewelry.  More than 15 years later, Alef Bet Jewelry designs and manufactures hamsas, evil eye pendants, religious sayings, red string bendel bracelets, and of course, a Jewish Star.



What Judaism is all about…

Bat Mitzvah Gift

Bat Mitzvah Gift from

There is a story about a hassidic Rabbi, who was once teaching five years old boys in a small village in Russia to learn the Hebrew ABC – Aleph, Bet, Gimmel.  It happened that one day, one of the boys forgot to bring his ink bottle and asked the boy at his side for some of his. “No,” replied the latter. “I haven’t enough; you should have brought from home.” So the first boy had to ask someone else.

The teacher noticed this and said nothing, but a half hour later he asked the second boy if he could show the class an Aleph, a Bet and a Gimmel . “Of course,” answered the child as he pointed in one of his books. “This is an Aleph, this a Bet, and this a Gimmel.”
“No,” said the teacher. “You are wrong.”
The boy was confused. “But teacher” he said, “this is what you taught us… this is what we have been reading for the last two years!”
“No,” the teacher repeated. “You are wrong.”
“Aleph is: When your friend asks you for ink, you give it to him.
“Bet is: When your friend asks for ink, you give it to him.
“Gimmel is: When your friend asks for ink, you give it to him.”

Friends and family, thank you for joining ____ and the rest of our family in this joyous occasion.  ________ , today you are the most important person here.  Today, you have entered the Jewish community as a responsible woman.  You have spent a lot of time preparing and learning for your Bat Mitzvah.  And certainly you have leant to recognize the letters Aleph, Bet and Gimmel, but as this anecdote teaches us, it isn’t the letter of the law that is important, but the spirit of the law.

The spirit of Jewish law tells us – when your friend asks for ink, you give it to him.  Or in other words, it tells us to care about those around, be kind and considerate of them and try to help them out in times of need. There is a Hebrew word for that – it is called Chesed. Chesed , or loving kindness, is perhaps one of the ultimate values to which Jews should strive…

This is an excerpt from a mother’s speech to her daughter on her Bat Mitzvah, we write many different types of Bat Mitzvah speeches. Please Be in touch with our helpful and friendly speech writers to discuss your Bat Mitzvah speech!

Chelsea’s Bat Mitzvah Speech

A Letter from a Mother…

A letter from a Bat Mitzvah mother

A letter from a Bat Mitzvah mother

Writing a speech for any occasion can be a major undertaking and a daunting task. When it comes to the preparation of a D’var Torah for a Bat Mitzvah, to be delivered by a twelve year old girl, in front of a packed synagogue, the challenge is even more profound.

A few months ago we celebrated our daughter, Chelsea’s Bat Mitzvah in Melbourne. Her D’var Torah was nothing short of outstanding, her delivery impeccable and all in all the Friday evening went off perfectly. We commend Chelsea for her work on the delivery and the incredible manner with which she spoke to and engaged the congregation, the Rabbi, family and friends, however, full tribute needs to go to Tali Tarlow from Your Jewish Speech.

In spite of the fact that both my husband and I have made many speeches, are adept speech makers and have written numerous good speeches, we believed that we really needed assistance with Chelsea’s D’var Torah. Neither my husband nor I are learned Jewish scholars and we wanted Chelsea to deliver a D’var Torah that really exemplified those things in which she has very strong beliefs, those aspects of life which are important to her and which represent the true essence of who she is. All of this needed to be enhanced by the appropriate Jewish messages, commentary and learnings.

Chelsea had discussed with us some of the key points which she wished to impart and some of the key messages from the Hebrew month of her Bat Mitzvah. Chelsea is a lively, energetic child who loves whatever she does and relishes every new opportunity which presents itself. Her D’var Torah had to reflect this love of life as well as encompass some humor, anecdotes and the simplicity of youth.

About a month prior to her Bat Mizvah, I searched the internet for speech writers who specialize in and could assist in the process of creating a D’var Torah. There was only one website, amongst the plethora professing to offer this service, which had any appeal for me. Your Jewish Speech “spoke to me”.  Just by reading the website and the manner in which it has been written, I instantly knew that this was the company we would select to help us with Chelsea’s Dvar Torah.

I emailed Tali – one of the partners and arranged to call her to have a discussion. My initial instincts were completely validated on speaking to Tali. We spoke about what we had in mind, some of our ideas and the underpinning theme and messages required. I described Chelsea and her interests and she even briefly spoke to Chelsea.

Tali immediately understood what it was that we were after. It was unbelievable – it was as if we had known her for years. She has an instinct and intuition that is remarkable and is able to translate this into a deep and innate understanding of the people for whom she is writing. She is incredibly incisive and hones right in to the pertinent issues whilst taking into account, at all times, the profile of her customer and their requirements.

We were completely bowled over with the first draft that came back from Tali. It was right on the nose – exactly what we wanted. The D’var Torah was a masterful blend of humor, anecdotes, depth of meaning, sophistication, simplicity and complete credibility that a twelve year old was able to understand it and deliver it. There were very few changes after this draft and we had the final version in no time.

After Chelsea’s delivery on the Friday evening, the Rabbi confessed to us that he had never, ever heard such a brilliant Dvar Torah from any child before. As already proud parents we were simply splitting with joy!

Not only is  Tali a brilliant writer of speeches and interpreter of client needs but she is a complete and utter pleasure to deal with. Nothing was ever too much trouble for her. No amount of emails to her (from me) ever proved to be a problem. She responded timeously and efficiently and always with complete courtesy and sensitivity to our needs, requirements and the emotive nature of such a speech and such a milestone.

We cannot thank Tali enough and just regret that we have no other imminent function for which we require her services.

We can only absolutely vouch for her service and ability and can assure you that if you want to ensure that  you have a brilliant speech appropriate for the occasion on hand you need look no further than Your Jewish Speech –  it will be the best decision you make for your function!

The very best Bat Mitzvah girl and parent speech!

Bat Mitzvah speech

Bat Mitzvah Speech

You want your daughter’s bat Mitzvah speech to be one of the highlights of her occasion! She should share meaningful ideas, and impress friends and family! And perhaps you want to give a Bat Mitzvah parent speech which is memorable and funny!  But If you don’t have the time or resources to write a speech or Dvar Torah for your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah – you’ve come to the right place!

What can we do for YOU?

  • We can partner with you to help you craft the perfect speech!
  • We can write for you a unique and meaningful Bat mitzvah speech for you (kids, parents or grandparents)!
  • We will not recycle or used pre-written speeches!
  • We will listen to YOUR needs with you, and write a speech which expresses what YOU want to say, based on our Jewish learning and public speaking expertise!
  • We will work while you sleep to provide a last minute personal speech or Dvrar Torah!

This is what some of our Bat Mitzvah clients and partners have said to us:

We were completely bowled over with the first draft that came back from Tali. It was right on the nose – exactly what we wanted. The D’var Torah was a masterful blend of humor, anecdotes, depth of meaning, sophistication, simplicity and complete credibility that a twelve year old was able to understand it and deliver. Not only is Tali a brilliant writer of speeches and interpreter of client needs but she is a complete and utter pleasure to deal with. Nothing was ever too much trouble for her. No amount of emails to her (from me) ever proved to be a problem. She responded timeously and efficiently and always with complete courtesy and sensitivity to our needs, requirements and the emotive nature of such a speech and such a milestone. Mother of the Bat Mitzvah Girl Speech, July 2010

Do you have any questions about your speech?  Just fill in the form below, and we will get back to you ASAP.  We’re helpful, friendly and we’d love to hear from you!

Contact us for Bar/Bat Mitzvah speeches!

We'd love to hear from you, please will you fill in the details below and we will answer you as soon as we can! From Tali and Debbie, your personal speech writing consultants!
  • Thanks for contacting us, we'll get back to you soon! From Tali and Debbie!
  • Only humans have speechworthy occasions - right?






Personalized Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mizvah Speech

The dreaded Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah speech? Maybe not!

Bar Mitzvah parent speech

Bar Mitzvah parent speech

If you’re planning a Bar Mitzvah or a Bat Mitzvah that means that some time soon your child and maybe even you or your spouse will need to give a speech. If the thought of writing and delivering a speech makes you panic, you’re not alone!  More and more people are turning to professional speech writers to relieve them of a major cause of the pre-bar mitzvah jitters and to help them articulate their thoughts and feelings. It is very easy and convenient to find speech writers online.  Just type “speech writer” into google, and you will see that roughly speaking there are two types of speechwriting services from which you can chose.

–Pre-prepared speeches—

These speech packages express the important generic sentiments of the occasion.  They are often entertaining and light on the ear.  They are also pleasing to the pocket – for very little money you can often purchase numerous speeches from which you can choose the one that you like most and adapt it to suit your needs – or you can mix and match different speeches. Another advantage of this speech writing genre is that you will receive the prepared speech almost seconds after clicking the order button, so if you have been avoiding the dreaded chore until virtually the last minute salvation is just one click away from your inbox!

–Custom written speeches —

If you are looking to give a unique speech you can turn to a speech writer, who will interview you and translate this into a speech written with you and your family in mind.  This is a great investment as it is more personal, and there is no chance that your visitors will have “heard that before”!  After Sue used the services of speech writers for her daughters Bat Mitzvah she said “If you are wondering whether you should spend the money to have a speech writer write your speech, you can rest assured it is as important as your child’s d’var Torah.  I felt that so much was riding on my message to my daughter in front of so many people and the speech I delivered continues to drop jaws a month after the bat mitzvah.   Hiring a speech writer is not another expense like the dj or the giveaways. This is a mitzvah you do for yourself and your bar or bat mitzvah child!”

–Speech Writing Consultants for Bnei Mitzvah’s –

Bar Mitzvah speech

Bar Mitzvah speech is run by two friendly educators who innovated an original service: Speech Writing Consultancy.  According to this service, the speech giver is a partner with the speech writer, and the result of this partnership is a fantastic speech.

This option is no short cut!  You will be interviewed by the speech writer, who is a skilled listener, and knows how to ask you questions that will guide you to find your own content.  Then the speech writer will write the content in the most eloquent way that will both impress your guests, and express what YOU really wanted to say, and even how you would have wanted to say it.

Speech writing consultant Tali says that “we have no agenda and no template; we just listen to our clients and help to develop their ideas into a well written speech or Dvar Torah with appropriate and meaningful Jewish content.   Over 98% of our clients express that the decision to hire a speech writing consultant was the single best decision of the wedding!”

So if you are planning a Bar Mitzvah or a Bat Mitzvah, feel free to contact Tali and Debbie, the friendly personal speech writing consultants from the form on this page!

Testimonial: “You are an absolute Star and have More than delivered what we expected!  We completely love what you have done and really you have managed to encapsulate so much of the essence of R,  whilst still tying it up to a Jewish message. You have truly delivered and I am so grateful to you – your availability, professionalism and ability to grasp everything so quickly has been fantastic.  Mother of the Bar Mitzvah Boy

You can read more testimonials from our happy customers here

To Speech writer..or not not to Speech writer: that is the question!

bat mitzvah speech from fatherYou don’t know whether to hire a speech writer for your son’s Bar Mitzvah or your daughters Bat Mitzvah?  You’re not alone!  When people come across our service, they are often hesitant to use it!  To help you decide, we have published a real email conversation between us and a client…

Would you have any samples of speeches that I can read just to get a feel for what you are writing and the style.  I’m concerned that I may not be happy with the end result.

Thank you for contacting us, and mazal tov on your upcoming function

I appreciate your concern, and you are absolutely right to be discerning!  However, I must tell you that right now we don’t have sample speeches as the speeches that we write are considered the property of our clients, and ethically we cannot pass them on.  In terms of our writing and style, we wrote 100% of the articles on our website, so that can give you a fair idea. So if you go to and look for the articles there, I hope it will give you a feeling of how we write.  In addition to that, our style changes according to who is the speaker.  Every speaker has different needs (we have clients from every part of the religious/secular spectrum) and also, some of our clients would like their speech to be meaningful, some philosophical, some learned, humorous etc.  We conduct an interview with our prospective clients and try to understand what their “style” and their “voice” needs to sound like.

And then, after the first draft, we are there to work with you, we are open to any feedback, and the more feedback you give us, the more we can work to make changes or refine the speech so it fits you 100%.  On top of all that, if you are not happy with the speech, even after you have given us full feedback, then we will give you your entire fee back (and then we would have ownership of the speech). We have never had to do this.
Finally, please look at our testimonials page,  they were all written by real people!  Please read this also , it is actually written a client, a mother of a Bat Mitzvah girl. Since we did her speech in May 2010, we have done two others for her.

So, if you would like to proceed, one of our speech writers can give you a call to discuss further (no obligations). Please will you send your phone number, and to help us choose a speech writer for you, could you also give us an idea of who the speech is for, and also if you have a specific tone/style that you are looking for (meaningful, some philosophical, some learned, humorous etc).  Please also let us know the date of the Bat Mitzvah!
Looking forward to working with you!



Hello Tali,
The speech would be from me to my wonderful daughter for her Bat Mitzvah, November 15, 2010.
All my life I had no problem expressing my thoughts, particularly on paper.  This however is much harder than I had anticipated.  I want the speech to be meaningful, sentimental but at the same time lighthearted.
I can be reached on my cell XXXXX  any morning after 10am.

A week after the Bat Mitzvah. Debbie was his designated speech writer

How are you doing?  Mazal Tov on your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah last week, I hope everything went smoothly, and that it was a really meaningful occasion.

I am writing because I want I wanted to follow up on your thoughts about our service, especially since you were very discerning before deciding to go ahead with our service (and rightfully so!)

Debbie and I wanted to know if in fact the service was helpful and if it met expectations, or not.  Also, how did you use the speech – did you read it as is, or did you use it as a framework to continue your own ideas?  Is there any other feedback that might be helpful?

Many thanks, and once again mazal tov on your special occasion!


Hi Tali,

Thank you very much.  My daughter did a wonderful job at the service. Debbie wrote a very good speech.  I used her speech mainly as a framework.  I could not have done it without her.  She helped me organize my thoughts and feelings.  I am so happy I found you and hope to have more happy occasions to use your service.

Thank you and have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!!!

So there it is – more than 95% of our clients tell us that hiring a speech writer for their Bar/Bat Mitzvah was one of the best decisions they made for their occasion, if you are interested in finding out more about our service at then contact us now!