5 Tips to Help You Deliver Your Event Speech Like a Pro

So you’ve hired a speech writer for the upcoming event you’ve been asked to speak at. Mazel tov – it’s great you’ve recruited the help of a professional to have your thoughts and feelings transpire in a great speech.

Whether it’s your daughter’s wedding, grandson’s bar mitzvah, or your son’s bris, having dozens and even hundreds of guests with all eyes on you can be a little nerve wracking. No matter how confident you feel standing in front of an audience and delivering a speech, adrenaline can sometimes get the best of us. We created a few tips to help you deliver your next event speech like a real pro.

Practice – It Might Not “Make Perfect” But Will Make Your Delivery Better

Whoever came up with the cliche “practice makes perfect” definitely was in the right direction when it comes to public speaking. No matter how many times you may have read a speech silently, standing up and delivering it out loud in front of a practice audience or even in the mirror, or recording it on your mobile phone or computer to watch again later are all great ideas. It’s important to get a sense of how others will respond to your speech, and you’ll feel more confident and fluid in your delivery the more times you have actually articulated your speech out loud. Plus, there are huge benefits to having a pretend audience – feedback, suggestions, and even additions that might take your speech engagement up a few notches. Practice, practice, practice. It will absolutely make a difference.

Keep It Short, Sweet, and Simple

While you might have a lot to say on a special day like your child’s wedding, the truth is the more on point, witty, and punchy your speech is the higher the chances of it making a real impact. Don’t overextend yourself with long-winded anecdotes. They might seem meaningful to you, but unless they really send a distinct message across without touching on an even potentially embarrassing moment in your child’s life, they might not be worth sharing. Focus on delivering a speech that talks the talk and walks the walk – something that really shares messages that will last in the memories of guests.

Black Out? Stage Fright? Breathe and Ad-Lib

Yes, practice will help you overcome some of the nerves that might accompany you standing in front of an audience, but sometimes standing in front of a crowd and speaking can still be unsettling. If you’re feeling uneasy, take a deep breath and be yourself. While it might not be the best idea to tell long-winded stories that are irrelevant, a good anecdote that comes from your gut can trigger the engagement and response of your audience that will help you regain the confidence to finish delivering your speech. Most importantly, if you’re feeling uneasy, make sure you’re comfortable – stand, sit, move around a little while speaking, but make sure to release some of that nervous energy by ensuring you’re physically comfortable. A glass of water close by is always a good idea too.

Don’t Be Afraid to be Funny

If you’re feeling tense and nerves are getting to you, tell a joke. It will help you release the tension and getting everyone engaged with some laughter is a great way to interact with your audience. Think of a good story that’s light, fun and share it with your audience spontaneously – just try to keep it relevant and leave embarrassing stories aside.

Last But Not Least – Say a Toast

Whatever the occasion, most times if you’re delivering a speech there’s a reason to raise a glass and say L’chaim to whoever it is you’re celebrating. Finish your speech off with a celebratory toast that wishes your main event much happiness and success in their endeavors – whether it’s a newly married couple, the birth and bris of a new son, or for entering manhood as the bar mitzva boy. Everyone loves to say cheers together, and it’s the perfect way to sign off and end your speech.

Whatever your simcha may be, remember that before you deliver your speech, it has to be written. Hiring a professional speech writer can make sure you have a speech that’s tailored to your personality, the occasion, and your audience.

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