Let me share with you a small glimpse behind the scenes of a Bar Mitzvah Celebration we recently arranged.  A charming South American woman contacted us and told us of her dream to have her son’s Bar Mitzvah in Israel.  Language, logistics and culture made it impossible for her to coordinate the affair alone and so she entrusted the planning to us at Eventfully Yours.  Guests included 200 Spanish-speaking friends and family members.  As a show of affection for the Bar Mitzvah Boy’s grandfather on his special birthday the family ordered a cake to be included in the dessert buffet. The cake was to say happy birthday in Spanish,“ ¡Feliz cumpleaños! Pappa Joe”.

My client was bubbling over with excitement as the Bar Mitzvah began. The guests were mingling at the reception and all seemed in order.  I took the opportunity to slip away and do a final once-over.  I reviewed and mentally checked off the schedule, checked on the meal and confirmed that all special requests had been met as my training and experience has taught me.  Oy vey!  My mouth dropped open!  Yours would too!  The pastry chef lowered a large, decorated platter for my approval.  Pappa Joe’s very special Birthday Cake quite literally said “Happy Birthday in Spanish”.  My husband and partner in our business began to laugh, and yes, today it does seem hysterically funny.  The biggest mess-ups make for the best stories once the crises have past but when it’s my name and my reputation on the line, and when I know my valued client will be devastated, that’s the time for action, not laughter.

Let’s just say that long before the hostess or her guests were ready for dessert we had a new cake in place which read just as expected,“ ¡Feliz cumpleaños! Pappa Joe”.  Best of all, the client never knew that anything was amiss.  I, the planner, smiled broadly exuding confidence and the cake took pride of place on the buffet.  This example is representative of the high level of service and careful attention to detail for which we are known.

Bar Mitzvah cake

Not what we were expecting!

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