You may have been planning your sons Bar Mitzvah for months now, and everything is ready  – the bar mitzvah invitations are out, the bar mitzvah caterer has been chosen (and is cooking away) and your son has been chanting through the nights as he practices his Torah portion.  You have worked so hard…and soon this is all going to be wonderful memory!  But DON”T let yourself fall on the small details!  We have compiled a list of tips to make sure that you won’t forget anything important, and the bar mitzvah function will run smoothly and according to plan!

Make a Bar Mitzvah listGetting organized – We recommend that you have a folder that you use to keep important documents, quotations, lists etc from the time you start planning your bar mitzvah. Two weeks before the bar mitzvah, organize the folder so that the old documents are at the back, and the important documents and lists are at the front and easy to access.

Purchases: There will always be last minute purchases.  Make sure you have a list of what hasn’t been bought yet for the bar mitzvah – it could be hair clips for the little sister or a pen for the guest book – just write it down!

Phone calls: write a list of people you need to call before the function. We recommend you call all the vendors to confirm that they are ready for your function.  You may want to call a babysitter to help you out with the little kids on the day of the bar mitzvah, or perhaps you want to call an aunt to make sure that she has ordered a cab, and she will be there on time.

Delegate – if there are things that need to be done, but you don’t have to be the one to do it, make a list and ask a trusted family member to do it for you. Make a list for yourself of that you have asked him/her to do, and make a time to call them to go through the list to confirm that everything is done according to plan!

Bar Mitzvah photos – when everything is over, these will be your tangible memories. Write a list for the photographer of the important people to photograph, and make sure that s/he knows who they are.

Honoring special people – you may want to honor family and special friends. Make a list of the most important people there, and think of ways to involve them in the bar mitzvah service or at the bar mitzvah party.  Make sure that your special people know where to be there, and when!

Special diets – make sure you know who has special dietary requirements at your bar mitzvah – like vegetarians, vegans or people sensitive to sugar etc. Make sure there are alternatives and options for them.

Seating – Arrange your seating plan so that your older guests are as far from the music and loudspeakers as possible.

Flowers – You can arrange with either the florist or the caterer to reuse the flowers if you are having the bar mitzvah in stages –in the synagogue, at the party and then at home!

Do you have any other hints to share? Please let us know in the comment box below!