It’s your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah year and the excitement is mounting. The family have been looking forward to this time for 12 years and suddenly it has arrived. You have been fantasizing about the type of celebration you would be arranging to mark your daughter’s coming of age but now that it is real the pressure is on. You slowly but surely are checking off all the boxes on your things-to-do list then suddenly out of the blue you are landed with a new task; helping your daughter write a speech and/ or song for her best friend’s Bat Mitzvah.

This phenomenon of entertaining girlfriends at their Bat Mitzvah celebrations has become de rigueur in the past few years. The bat mitzvah girl looks forward with great anticipation to find out what her friends are going to say about her in public at her special moment. Its probably one of the highlights of the evening as far as she is concerned so being given the task of delivering the best-friend speech is an honor but a nail-biting one!

Best Friend Bat Mitzvah speech

Best Friend Bat Mitzvah speech

So, how are you going to help your daughter get it just right??   Here are a few guidelines you might find helpful:

  • Help your daughter compose a list of the Bat mitzvah girl’s qualities that make her her ‘best friend’
  • Make sure the list contains only positive descriptions. Now is the time to give loads of compliments and make the Bat Mitzvah girl feel special
  • Although your daughter and her best friend have their secrets and special language, the speech should only mention things that everyone can understand. The audience should be happy to listen to the speech and not be made to feel excluded from the best friends’ special relationship.
  • This is not the time to outshine the Bat Mitzvah at her own party so make sure your daughter doesn’t try to be too clever….
  • … but its great if she can tell funny little stories to bring a smile to the audience’s faces.
  • If your daughter is part of a group of friends make sure they all have an equal input to avoid anyone feeling left out. Even if one has a clearer voice then the rest they should all be able to participate and do their bit speaking.
  • If your daughter has decided to write and sing a song make sure it is a tune everyone can hum along to. It’s also best to keep the words and the melody simple. Off tune singing with difficult lyrics is hard to follow and the moment will be lost…
Best friends for ever :)

Bat Mitzvah – best friends for ever 🙂

Ultimately your daughter should have great fun composing a speech for her best friend. It’s a time for her to show how much she loves her friend and enjoys their friendship. It’s also a great step into the world of public speaking which is a very daunting task to most people. Ensuring that she has a great time with this project will make future public speaking engagements a breeze and who knows, she might be asked to deliver the maid-of-honor address at her best friends wedding….

Do you know any Best Friends Bat Mitzvah speech success or horror stories?  Please tell us about them!