OK, OK – this is an attempt at being lighthearted!  Personally, I think it’s great!

Harvey wanted to celebrate his son Josh’s Bar Mitzvah in a unique and spectacular way.  None of that “keeping up with the Goldbergs” for him – Harvey was The Trendsetter himself!

Having looked into a Bar Mitzvah cruise and a Bar Mitzvah Safari, he decided that his big surprise would be a Bar Mitzvah in space!  He would rent a spaceship and Josh would be the first Bar Mitzvah space boy.

Space Theme Bar Mitzvah

Space Theme Bar Mitzvah from zimensioncards.com

When the big day came, the spaceship took off with his family, friends and Rabbi.  They had a wonderful time, and when they returned, the local Jewish press was waiting to find out all about the journey.

The first person off the shuttle was the Zaydie.
“How was the service?” the reporter inquired.

“Not bad,” she replied.
“And how was Josh’s speech?”
“Not bad.”
“So how was the food?”
“Not bad.”
“Everything was just not bad? Why aren’t you more enthusiastic? What went wrong?”

Zaydie sighed and replied: “There was no atmosphere.”