I read two thought provoking blog posts this morning.  In a seemingly random way, they both deal with the same idea from totally different perspectives.  This idea is leadership.

Geoffrey Webbis a blogger and business consultant. I am not sure if he would like that introduction, so feel free to read about him here.   In his latest post, he reveals three characteristics of a leader of people

1. Stand Up. Take responsibility for your values and your people—not only will you sleep better at night, you’ll attract loyal followers as well.

2. Speak Up. You always have an opinion—whether you realize it or not. Know what yours is—and be ready to share it.

3. Step Up. Words and positioning are a good start, but in the end, action is what communicates your real commitment, and thus, your true courage.

Courage generates leadership

Courage generates leadership from Geoffry Webbis's website

I love it!  A clear, simple and concise guide to leadership – believe in something, represent your values in words and act on your beliefs.  People will respect you, trust you and choose to follow you.

Andi Leubitz gives parenting advice through her blog. In her latest post, she acknowledges that she believes that her own trait of being non-confrontational  is not helpful.  She therefore she encourages her children to fight! Yes, you read this correctly!  But there is a list of wonderful ground rules to the fighting.  These rules all boil down to teaching her children the important life skills of “self expression” on the one hand and “respecting the other” on the other hand. I highly recommend this post for all parents.


Kid's fighting

Kid's fighting should be encouraged

As BATmom, the surprising superhero, the focus of my personal blog isn’t on leadership and it also isn’t primarily on parenting.    My BATmom blog is the story of a mother who is trying to grow emotionally and spiritually. At the same time, it is the story of a mother who is trying to use this personal growth to impact her home and her family. Perhaps we can call my own unique brand “Home Leadership”. This is particularly important to me in the transition year of my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and I am constantly assessing what messages I must give her as she joins the Jewish community of adults.

So the pearls of wisdom that I have taken for myself from the above wise people is that as BATmom I must define my own values and beliefs, I must speak up and express them, and I must act on them with fearless pride.  This will serve as a shining light to my children, who should also be encouraged to develop their own values and beliefs, they should be encouraged to express and defend their values and beliefs.  At the same time they should be taught to respect the values and beliefs of others.


Dear BATgirl RESPECT yourself and others!

Dear BATgirl RESPECT yourself and others!


Quotables:  Thanks to my old friend Lisa Max, who posted this quote on facebook.”If there is a light that lights the path for others, let it be the light that shines from you.”

I like the idea of “home leadership” for moms.  What other tools of trade should “home leaders” use?