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There is a story about a hassidic Rabbi, who was once teaching five years old boys in a small village in Russia to learn the Hebrew ABC – Aleph, Bet, Gimmel.  It happened that one day, one of the boys forgot to bring his ink bottle and asked the boy at his side for some of his. “No,” replied the latter. “I haven’t enough; you should have brought from home.” So the first boy had to ask someone else.

The teacher noticed this and said nothing, but a half hour later he asked the second boy if he could show the class an Aleph, a Bet and a Gimmel . “Of course,” answered the child as he pointed in one of his books. “This is an Aleph, this a Bet, and this a Gimmel.”
“No,” said the teacher. “You are wrong.”
The boy was confused. “But teacher” he said, “this is what you taught us… this is what we have been reading for the last two years!”
“No,” the teacher repeated. “You are wrong.”
“Aleph is: When your friend asks you for ink, you give it to him.
“Bet is: When your friend asks for ink, you give it to him.
“Gimmel is: When your friend asks for ink, you give it to him.”

Friends and family, thank you for joining ____ and the rest of our family in this joyous occasion.  ________ , today you are the most important person here.  Today, you have entered the Jewish community as a responsible woman.  You have spent a lot of time preparing and learning for your Bat Mitzvah.  And certainly you have leant to recognize the letters Aleph, Bet and Gimmel, but as this anecdote teaches us, it isn’t the letter of the law that is important, but the spirit of the law.

The spirit of Jewish law tells us – when your friend asks for ink, you give it to him.  Or in other words, it tells us to care about those around, be kind and considerate of them and try to help them out in times of need. There is a Hebrew word for that – it is called Chesed. Chesed , or loving kindness, is perhaps one of the ultimate values to which Jews should strive…

This is an excerpt from a mother’s speech to her daughter on her Bat Mitzvah, we write many different types of Bat Mitzvah speeches. Please Be in touch with our helpful and friendly speech writers to discuss your Bat Mitzvah speech!