Baby Girl naming ceremony

Name art by Arlene Diane Spector

There are other names for a Jewish baby girl naming ceremony which include “Simchat Bat” and “Zeved haBat”.  What is nice about Jewish girl baby naming ceremonies is that one can be creative and insert a lot of personal meaning into the Jewish girl baby naming ceremony, at the same time as using traditional Jewish customs.

–Traditional Jewish baby girl naming ceremony

Traditionally a Jewish girl baby naming ceremony takes place in the synagogue on the Monday, Thursday or Saturday after the Torah reading. In addition to the baby girl naming a special blessing of gratitude is recited for the healthy delivery of the baby and for the health of the mother.  The family may then choose to have a party in which they discuss the name of the Jewish baby girl, and what it means to them.

–More ideas for Jewish baby girl naming ceremony
  • You can make your Jewish baby girl naming ceremony more personal by including readings based on the meanings of the names chosen in English and Hebrew.  For some popular Jewish names click here.
  • If your daughter was named after someone, then you (or someone else) can discuss memories of this person in a speech. You can use old photos or films to make a presentation or make a souvenir booklet for your guests to take home (and for your daughter to have one day).
  • You can read Psalms which have the numerical value of the names given, and discuss how they relate to what you wish for your daughter.
  • You can design a personalized naming certificate for your daughter which will include an illumination that addresses the child’s family and heritage.