Chatan – groom

Kallah – bride

Kittel – white garment that some grooms wear

Kabbalat Panim – reception, takes place before the Chupa

Tena’im – ceremony that takes place during the reception

Badeken – the covering of the bride by a veil

Birkat kallah – special prayer that bride says during the badeken, often it is written out decoratively and is displayed in the home

Chuppah – the canopy

Shehecheyanu – the blessing that God has brought us to this moment

Talit – prayer shawl

Kiddushin – sanctification, refers to the wine that is drunk and the actual wedding

Ketubah – Marriage Contract

Sheva brachot – seven blessing recited under the chupah

Mazel Tov – congratulations!

Yichud room – room where bride and groom go after the wedding, where they may eat and spend some time together before rejoining the festivities

Seudah – festive meal

Birkat Hamazon – grace after meals

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