This is a series for the bar/bat mitzvah parent on quick, concise and meaningful messages from the weekly Torah portion – perfect for use in a parent speech.

You’re in prison for life. You were framed, honestly, and it wasn’t even the most major offense, but the person you ostensibly harmed is very politically powerful, and so there goes your life. Depressed yet?

Don’t be. Things can change in an instant.

Joseph had been thrown into prison (read: a dungeon) by one of Pharaoh’s chief officers, for purportedly trying to take his wife. Actually, the officer’s wife was trying to take Joseph, but let’s not get confused with the facts. He had no one to get him out on bail, no one to take any interest in him whatsoever. That was it. The end.

But then, without any explanation (from Joseph’s perspective), suddenly he’s rushed out of prison, given a wash and a shave and a haircut, and dressed in really nice clothes. He has a brief audience with the Pharaoh, where he’s given the role of second-in-command over all of Egypt. Not bad, no?

Never give up hope. No matter how bleak a situation looks, no matter how alone you are, everything can change in an instant