When the big day has been and gone, your printed images are the only tangible reminder of your event, and therefore, out of all the service providers that you will choose, your bar or bat mitzvah photographer is arguably the most important and deserves a lot of thought!

Rebecca Kowalsky is a photographer who is based in Israel, and works both there and abroad.  When I asked her what tips she had for choosing a photographer for your wedding, she told me the following.

  • It is very important to see the work of your photographer, you need to see for yourself the pictures and know that you like his/her style and that it is appropriate for your occasion.
  • Talk to people who have used the photographer in the past.  You want to make sure that they were happy with the quality of the photographs as well as the way the photographer worked. Ask them about their level of professionalism and how s/he interacted with people.

Choosing a photographer for your Bar Mitzvah

Choosing a photographer for your Bar Mitzvah

  • It is important that your photographer keeps up with the latest developments in his industry.  If they are constantly learning about latest developments and reading about new techniques, then the product will not only be of a great quality, but also you can be sure that s/he is passionate about what s/he does.  A photographer’s love or passion for his work will undoubtedly translate into vibrant photos. So look for someone who loves and lives his/her work!
  • The human element – perhaps the most important factor in choosing a photographer is their interpersonal skills because it impacts on the whole event. Many of my clients have given me feedback that they appreciate working with me because I make people smile and everyone looks great in the photos. So when you are interviewing potential photographers, think about what kind of feeling you get from them, will they contribute to a good atmosphere – or detract from it?!
  • A kid who is at the center of attention at his/her bar or bat mitzvah can often feel self conscious, this is normal, but can unfortunately translate into “stiff” or “lifeless” photos.  When choosing a photographer for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah, you want to find someone who gets along with kids, enjoys having fun with kids and brings the best out of them.
  • The special touch – we all know that it is the special touch that can really make the occasion into one that will be remembered and spoken about for years to come.  Your photographer should be creative, and should have other ideas that will add the special touch – a basket of ideas to enhance your occasion and make it different.   For example I make a poster of the child, which is placed at the entrance of the hall. All the guests can sign the poster and convey their best wishes. Or I take photo shoots before the occasion – working up to the event  – if your son or daughter did a Bar or Bat Mitzvah project, then I would take action shots of that which can be displayed on the night or made in the album.  I take photographs of them receiving and putting on their tefillin for the first time. Sometimes I bring a printer with and do scrap booking activities with the kids.  Some families like a special benscher for Grace after Meals, which can be given out to guests; I have compiled one with beautiful photographs that is very popular.  These are all fun and original ideas which help to create a special and even more meaningful occasion.

Rebecca’s message to people planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah:  “My mission is to create “eternal moments” – to capture and document the beauty of each minute of your event.  This is work that I take seriously, it comes from my soul. And you can see this in my pictures that are vibrant and alive.”

Check out Rebecca’s website for yourself to see her stunning work! http://www.imagesthroughtime.com/

What Rebecca’s clients say:

“Thank you so much for making us so relaxed and smiling all the time at picture taking. It was a real pleasure to meet a talented artist and a real person.” Shelley

I wanted to be sure to tell you how much I love the photos, you did a wonderful job. You truly captured the spirit of the day. I have forwarded the link to several friends and they all said how great they are.  Deborah

“The pictures you took at Chaviva’s bat mitzvah celebration are just beautiful.  You do really fine work. There are so many beautiful shots of each and every one of the kids that we will have a hard time deciding which ones NOT to put into an album.” Phyliss and Harold