If you’re hosting Sheva Brachot you want to make the evening memorable and fun – especially for the bride and groom.  These days

Western Theme Sehva Brachot Invitations

Western Theme Sheva Brachot Invitations from http://www.w-weddinginvitations.com/

Country themes

“Countries” are good themes – you can do Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Israeli, American, Hawaiin – you can serve food connected to that country, decorate tables with flag colors.  If you want an informal and fun atmosphere guests can make their own felafels/taco’s etc!  If you can’t decide what country to choose you can do an international theme – with a variety of tastes and colors!

Highlighted: Chinese theme

Menu: Chinese Corn Soup, Egg Rolls and Dumplings, Fried Rice, Moo Shoo Chicken, and fortune cookies for dessert.

Deco and extras: Red, black and gold color scheme and some Chinese lanterns and chopsticks.

Connect the Sheva Brachot to an important date

If the Sheva Brachot is on or near an important date, then you can use that date as a theme – birthday theme, Superbowl, elections, festival like Chanukah or Purim etc.

Highlighted: Birthday theme

Menu: Desert can include birthday cake, jelly and ice cream.

Deco and extras: Birthday balloons, birthday banners, bride and groom wear party hats.

Couple- specific Sheva Brachot

You can connect the theme to the couple – a favorite TV program or movie, hobby or pastime, their work (medical theme, numbers theme, school theme), where they met etc.

Highlighted: Medical theme

Menu: Desert can include pudding,  jelly and ice cream.

Deco and extras: Guests can receive a hospital bracelet with their table number on it,  pillboxes filled with candies can decorate the tables. Hosts can wear scrubs. Menu can be on clipboards.

Color Code Sheva Brachot

Colors and color combinations can be a nice theme – stark colors like “black and white” will lend a feeling of elegance.

And some more fun Sheva Brachot themes:

  • Smiley
  • Facebook
  • Star Wars
  • Persia
  • Bedoin
  • Safari
  • Outer space
  • Summer
  • Beach
  • Western
  • The Royal Wedding
  • BBQ Sheva Brachot
  • “Picnic”style
  • Fairy tales
  • Children’s stories
  • College
  • Garden Party

What is your favorite Sheva brachot theme?