Whatever the occasion, our clients constantly tell us that our speeches exceed all expectations.

What a beautiful speech, I am crying, while reading it, you are a very talented writer. I am so happy I used your services. I appreciate your understanding of what I was needed. Thank you so much.”
Father of the Groom speech

I am a repeat customer and once again Tali saved the day! Recently I attended an emotional family gathering and I didn’t realize until a couple days prior to the event that I needed to deliver a speech at the event. With very little time to write the speech, I remembered that Tali had assisted me with a speech several years ago. I contacted Tali and she quickly returned my call. Once again Tali wrote a meaningful and beautiful speech that not only captured the essence of the event, but significantly reduced my stress knowing she had prepared such a wonderful speech for me. Thank you! In appreciation…Chicago,

Jewish Funeral Speech (Hesped)

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Its excellent and certainly something I can play with and modify. May you merit to continue being a “partner” in many more simchos!

Father of the bris baby speech

You are an absolute Star and have More than delivered what we expected! We completely love what you have done and really you have managed to encapsulate so much of the essence of R, whilst still tying it up to a Jewish message. You have truly delivered and I am so grateful to you – your availability, professionalism and ability to grasp everything so quickly has been fantastic.

Mother of the Bar Mitzvah Boy

I was very impressed by the extremely high level of personal service that I received from “Your Jewish Speech”. They responded promptly to my initial e-mail, and took the time to speak with me at length in order to ascertain the type of speech I was looking for, paying attention to details, tone and content. They were diligent and reliable, and within 72 hours, had created a unique, very personal and insightful speech that cleverly incorporated the personal details which I had provided, alongside “pearls of Jewish wisdom”. They were friendly, obliging and caring. “Your Jewish Speech” offers a unique, high quality service which is a cut above the rest. It was a pleasure working with them, and I whole-heartedly recommend them.
Wedding speech for father of the groom

“My wife and I want to thank you for your amazing assistance together with our thoughts, outline, and verbage for our son’s bar mitzvah speech. As I am in the ‘business’ of simcha planning for clients from around the world who wait 12 and 13 years respectively from the birth of their daughter or son to celebrate in Israel, I am privileged to work with many ‘vendors and suppliers.’ I realized that you stand out from the others in your care, courtesy, professionalism, and attention to each child so that we and our guests really felt that the ‘speech’ or ‘dvar torah’ can be perfect! We enjoyed working together and my friends and clients will hear all about you should they seek that extra assistance for the speech!”

Father of the Bar Mitzvah Boy Speech

You are an absolute Star and have More than delivered what we expected! We completely love what you have done and really you have managed to encapsulate so much of the essence of R, whilst still tying it up to a Jewish message. You have truly delivered and I am so grateful to you – your availability, professionalism and ability to grasp everything so quickly has been fantastic.

Mother of the Bar Mitzvah Boy

“The ability to take my thoughts and your ideas and combine all into a sincere profound speech will make my upcoming B’nai Mitzvah a day I will always remember. From start to finish, you were my perfect partner. Thank you so very much.”

Second Bar Mitzvah Celebrant Speech

It was such a relief to work with Tali on my speech for the Bris. I have no idea how, with a new baby, I could have found time to write a speech that expressed so much about my feelings towards my baby, his names sakes, and my gratitude to my wife and family! Tali worked with me on this speech, extending and refining my ideas, so I know that the speech is completely mine. At the bris itelf I recommended YJS speech writing consultancy to my friends, I cannot thank them enough for empowering me to give a brilliant speech at my son’s bris!

Father of the bris baby speech

Debbie, I am glad to get your e-mail as I have been meaning to write to you. The Bar Mitzvah service was awesome. Jack did a superb job and our parent speech was perfect. Many thanks for helping us express our feelings. We will be back for our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah in 2.5 years

Mother of the Bar Mitzvah Boy speech

The entire day from start to finish was perfect!! Between May’s speech and my speech we blew them away…they didn’t know what hit ’em!! So many people said they had NEVER heard a parent speech like that…so personal and filled with love and admiration for their child and all their accomplishments!! My next daughter will BECOME a Bat Mitzvah in Dec of 2015….please stand by…I will be in touch when the time comes!!

Mother of the Bat Mitzvah Girl speech

I love it! It’s perfect. Reallly, I don’t think I will change a thing. Now all I have to do is deliver it! Thanks so much. You are great at this!

Mother of Bat Mitzvah Girl

“Debbie, thank you so much for your help…and for thinking about us. Everything went FANTASTIC!! Several people asked for a copy of my speech.”
Mother of the Bat Mitzvah girl speech

“Thank you very much for the wonderful divrei torah, again you did a great job and everyone loved the speech, thank you very much! “
Grandfather of Groom Speech, Hollywood

“I can’t tell you how appreciative I am. I shared this with someone who knows me well and she said It’s beautiful, it’s your voice. I thank you so much and look forward to working with you in the future. Helping someone find their voice is truly a beautiful gift.”
Father of Bar Mitzvah Boy Speech, New Jersey

“‘S’ brought the house down with his speech..tears, laughter and more! Thanks, thanks, thanks!”

Father of Bar Mitzvah Boy Speech

I wanted to write and deliver a Dvar Torah/speech for our family’s Simchat Bat celebration. However, writing about Torah and Jewish history is something I have not done before and definitely did not feel comfortable writing. Once I contacted Tali, I received her first draft of the Dvar within hours of speaking with her. Upon receiving that draft, I was actually very much relieved about the speech. The structure of the speech and the Jewish text tied in very nicely with our family’s celebration. My next big Dvar opportunity will include contacting Tali first for her expertise and assistance. Thanks Tali!

Father of the baby girl at baby naming speech, New Orange

Just know that everyone was floored and I even made my friend’s 8 year old son cry. You gave me a gift. Thank you.

Mother of the Bat Mitzvah Girl speech

“This is great! I don’t want to change a thing. You really did get E’s personality in the speech. I am so impressed with you”.
Mother of Bat Mitzvah Girl Speech, Chicago

We were completely bowled over with the first draft that came back from Tali. It was right on the nose – exactly what we wanted. The D’var Torah was a masterful blend of humour, anecdotes, depth of meaning, sophistication, simplicity and complete credibility that a twelve year old was able to understand it and deliver. Not only is Tali a brilliant writer of speeches and interpreter of client needs but she is a complete and utter pleasure to deal with. Nothing was ever too much trouble for her. No amount of emails to her (from me) ever proved to be a problem. She responded timeously and efficiently and always with complete courtesy and sensitivity to our needs, requirements and the emotive nature of such a speech and such a milestone.

Mother of the Bat Mitzvah Girl Speech

Although hesitating to ask someone to assist me in preparing my own speech, from our first conversation I knew I found the right person to do it.
Patiently, you took the time to listen to my own feelings & thoughts and together with your own ideas, translate them into a personal, touchable, memorable yet funny speech. Not only that, but your ability to incorporate Jewish wisdom tailored exclusively for me, was impressive! The more I read it – the more I love it! Thank you also for responding promptly to my enquiries & questions, for being friendly and so easy to work with – It was such a pleasure! The bottom line is, you have delivered much more that I could imagine. I really couldn’t recommend you highly enough. Thank you from the Groom

Wedding speech for Groom

“I received so many compliments on the speech, it was incredible. Would love to use your service again in the future.”
Father of a Bris Baby Speech

Thank you very much. My son did a wonderful job at the service. Debbie wrote a very good speech. I used her speech mainly as a framework. I could not have done it without her. She helped me organize my thoughts and feelings. I am so happy I found you and hope to have more happy occasions to use your service.

Parent speech for Bar Mitzvah boy

Tali, I wanted to thank you for your help writing my speech for the awards dinner. I knew the message that I wanted to convey, but I just could not put it into words. When I read the speech that you sent me, I was amazed how well you were able to capture what I really wanted to say. I stressed and worried about this speech for weeks. Thank you so much for making this event something that I was able to look forward to.

Honoree at community function speech, United States.

“Debbie prepared a Dvar Torah for my wedding speech the night before my wedding. I knew it was asking a lot but I wasn’t disappointed! I was moved to tears when she emailed me what she had written, I didn’t have to change a single word. It was just beautiful and conveyed exactly what I wanted to say to my lovely new wife.”

Wedding speech for groom, London

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