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A vort is a traditional engagement party, the Yiddish word “vort”  means “word.  This is the name of the ceremony because we celebrate the engagement of a Jewish couple by sharing words of inspiration and Torah.

Usually someone close to the couple: a Rabbi, family member or friend is asked to share some meaningful words. Often the person inspires them with a beautiful idea or lesson from the Torah about love or marriage. The person giving the engagement speech may choose to bring a message from the Parsha of the week, or discuss a Jewish couple from the bible, or may refer to Jewish Literature. Often the Dvar Torah will include inspiring thoughts and advice for the period building up to the wedding.

Usually the Chatan and/or Kallah (groom and bride) will give a speech or Dvar Torah as well. In their engagement speech they may want to share some of their feelings towards each other, their hopes for the future